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Collection of 2010 Cutest Kitten Pics

Lots and lots of kitten pictures, past monthly cutest kitten winners and all the cute kitten photos submitted in 2010.

June 2010: Our First Ever Cutest Kitten - Kirby

grey tabby kitten care
Photo of Kirby - Find out more about Kirby

Kirby's Owner is Maria

Kirby is the latest addition to our four-legged family of furry friends, which include one Mackeral Tabby, one Pastel Calico Tiger Tabby, one Tonkinese, and one Mutt. We walked into a local pet store chain a week and a half ago to purchase dog and cat food, and came out with that, and a little bit more. A little ball of gray fluff to be exact--and kitten food, of course. The shelter that was featuring the corral of kittens for adoption that day thought that he was about 7 weeks old, though he was very, very tiny.
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Kitten Pics July 2010: Timon the 4th of July Kitten

grey tabby kitten care
Photo of Timon - Find out more about Timon

Timons's Owner is Molly

This is Timon. Sometimes I called him Papa Roni, sometimes I call him Scwapa, and sometimes I call him Timon. I don't remember where I got those names from though. On the Fourth of July last year, which also happens to be my husband's birthday, I went to Wal-Mart to get some last minute supplies for the BBQ we were having that night. In Washington where I live it is extremely hot in the summer, and on that particular day it was over 100 degrees outside. When I was leaving the store there was a little girl standing there with her dad and she shouted out, asking if I wanted a cat.
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Kitten Pics August 2010: Jasper the Adorable Fluffy Gray Kitten

grey tabby kitten care
Photo of Jasper - Find out more about Jasper

Jaspers Owner is Springli

AKA Comando Kitty, AKA King of the Cat Tree, AKA SnuggleButt... He's a whole lot of kitty wrapped up in a tiny little ball of fuzz. 3 months ago, I lost my beloved Bronte at age 15. We still had 2 cats, but part of me longed for a kitten to help fill the hole in my heart. A friend of mine has a cat (named Fluffy) who regularly produces 1 litter a year. She is a good mother, even tempered, vigilant but not overprotective. Her kittens tend to be very well balanced and affectionate, and this year's litter was no exception.
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Kitten Pics September 2010: Raphael the Mischievous Ginger Tabby Kitten

cute orange tabby kitten photo
Photo of Raphael - Find out more about Raphael

Raphaels Owner is Lisa

I have had my beautiful ginger boy for about 3 months now. I wanted to call him Fanta but he was too classy for that. He is named Raphael after the red teenage mutant ninja turtle. When his Dad's not home Raphael's favourite past time is getting into Dads underwear drawer and literally throwing them out all over the floor! He also loves to hide in boxes and small spaces. He is also known as "the Boy" "Ramses" and "Ginger Balls"
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Kitten Pics October 2010: Iggy the Gorgeous Tuxedo Kitten

cute black and white kitten photo
Photo of Iggy - Find out more about Iggy

Iggys Owner is I. Guthrie

A young cat turned up on our doorstep. She was hungry and bony and so we took her in. She was obviously heavily pregnant. She was not microchipped and nobody claimed her. I made her a birthing box although she did not seem to take any intrest in it. A week after taking her in I was surprised to see her in the birthing box. I was even more surprised to see three adorable, tabby kittens with her. I watched as the final kitten was born, a black one that was smaller than the rest. I really took to this kitten. From an early age when he got tired he jump up and sit on my lap, none of the others would do this! He was the first to use the litter tray and has had no accidents.
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Kitten Pics November 2010: Pepperjack the Cutest Ginger Kitten

cute orange tabby kitten photo
Photo of Pepperjack - Find out more about Pepperjack

Pepperjacks Owner is Staci

PJ was born a 6 weeks ago with 2 other brothers and 1 sister. We unfortunately lost one of the boys, but still have the other 2. He likes to get into a lot of mischief, hence his name, Pepper Jack.....since he's a firey lil one! His favorite game to play?? Biting my toes!!! Ouch!!!
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Kitten Pics December 2010: Stormy the Cutest Christmas Kitten

cute christmas kitten photo
Photo of Stormy - Find out more about Stormy

Stormys Owner is Kenny

Hi my name is Stormy.I was born on 10/10/10 in my owners garage. I have 3 siblings.Ive heard that 2 of us will have homes, and I'm not sure if I'm one of them. My current owner is going to take my mother into his house because she has a great personality and they already have 3 other cats. my only wish is for Santa to find a good home for us.
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