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The Cutest Abyssinian Kitten Pictures

Abyssinians (Aby) are one of the oldest known cat breeds. Owners of Aby felines enjoy a loyal, intelligent and affectionate companion. Here are just a few adorable abbysinian kitten pictures.

cute blue abyssinian kitten playing
Photo by polandeze. (Footer for photo credit)

An Aby Kitty Called Blue

This little fellow is working out his territory. Who can resist smiling at a kitty playing around?

cute sorrel (cinnamin) abyssinian kitten laying around
Photo by aaipodpics. (Footer for photo credit)

5 Week Old Sorrel (Cinnamin) Abyssinian Kitten

This is the life isn't it?

Just laying around without a care in the world - learning just what is invloved in being a true cat!!

wide eyed abyssinian kitten photo
Photo by grongar. (Footer for photo credit)

What Big Eyes You Have...

Well the title says it all really, doesn't it?

Who wouldn't want to take this little guy, and his big eyes home for a cuddle?

cute abyssinian kitten playing
Photo by Harry R. (Footer for photo credit)

Dolly Pounces and Make the Kill!

Everyone enjoys a playful kitten don't they?

This little girl kitty named Dolly, comes of best in her battle with the ball of twine.

cute abyssinian kitten playing
Photo by harold. (Footer for photo credit)


What a gorgeous looking feline, and another set of big eyes.

More About Cute Kittens

I hope you enjoyed these Aby kitty pics. Follow the links to learn more about the Abyssinian cat breed, whether an Aby cat is right for you and what you should know before buying an Abyssinian kitty.

You are also welcome to show off your own cute kitten. Keeping Kittens would love to see your cute or funny kitten photos - and will even allow you to feature his or her story and picture on their own web page!

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