Grey Tabby 3 Month Old Kitten Turned Into Getting Casey the Cat

by Giselle Williams
(Camden, NJ)

Casey Candid

Casey Candid

Giselle shares her story about how her desire for a cute kitten turned into her adopting an adorable grey tabby cat she named Casey. And check out the super cute kitten picture of Casey!!

I had been begging my mother for years about getting me a pet kitten, when one year she finally agreed to go looking at cats. I was so excited even though I knew coming home with one was not guaranteed, just going to look was good enough for me.

We arrived at Petsmart at right off the back I knew "Julian" the grey haired tabby kitten but the one for me. We began the adoption process and next thing I knew we were bringing Julian home. Of coarse I immediately decided to change his name to Casey and make Julian his middle name! Casey Julian my 3 month old kitten was like my child.

The first night home Casey had his days and nights mixed up to when I got into bed, he was running the room like a mad cat. He kept pouncing on me as I tried to sleep and I was terrified of the tiny kitten I'd been wanting for so long.

Eventually I got used to sleeping with the cat up and about and I've grown so close to my Casey. He is truly a part of the family. He has such a loving personality and loves to be around others. He also likes his own time when he does not want to be bothered.

Overall, Casey Julian is the best pet anyone could ask for. I recommend others to go out and adopt a pet, it could not only save an animal, but change your life.

Thanks Giselle for sharing Casey with us!!

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Sep 20, 2010
Great Cute Grey Kitten Picture
by: Sam from Keeping Kittens

Thanks for sharing you came to own Casey the Cat and the adorable photo!!

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