Adorable Gray Kitten - Getting in Some Cat Nap Time

by Mandy Adams

Loving all the cute gray kittens being shared on Keeping Kittens. Mandy shares her ball of gray fur - a little girl kitten named Levi with us.

Leviticus Martini Duffield came into our home in June of 2010. We had just recently moved into a new home and were planning a wedding. Our home felt complete after Levi ran around the house for the first time seconds after opening her cage door.

Sean, my husand now, picked her out the day before by spending time in a room full of cats and kittens. She licked him, and he knew she would be ours. She loves to lick/suck on ears. Odd but adorable at times.

Levi is a ball of energy and tons of fun. Her favorite toy is a shoelace. She loves to climb anything she can jump on. Up until this month she had no depth perception. At 5 months now, she is still as cute and honory as she was the day we brought her home.

In the picture, she was taking one her many cat naps, which in my studies last 10-15 minutes and then she is ready to party kitty style. I may be biased, but Levi is sure the cutest thing ever!

Thanks Mandy for sharing Levi and her story with us!! If you have an adorable cute kitten be sure to share his or her photo and story. Your little kitty may just end up in the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame

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