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Cute Birman Kittens
Grow up to Be Gorgeous Birman Cats!

Before deciding on a cat breed, learn more about the history, temperment, care and health of the breed to make a better choice.

History of the Breed

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Birmans appeared in France in 1919 through pregnant cat Sita, who was imported from Burmae. France was the first to recognize the Birman cat and give this feline championship status by a French cat registry. The breed was given the name Sacre de Birmanie and in English we know the breed by the name Birman cat.

Birman cats first appeared in the United states in 1959, and soon Great Britian followed suit and Birmans started appearing in 1964.

Personality and Traits of the Breed

This feline breed is known to be affectionate, intelligent and a gentle companion. Birman cats and kittens like company so they are happiest living with a family or a multi-pet household. They like to play and can be slow to mature. A Birman kitten or cat makes a loyal companion and as an adult they are rather placid.

Kitten Fast Facts

  • Affectionate
  • Known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma"
  • Loyal
  • Placid as Adult
  • Physique and Appearance

    This cat breed is long haired, with medium to heavy body weight. They are an attractive looking cat with brilliant round eyes set. They have a strong jaw and face with a full chin, their nostrils are set low on their Roman nose.

    Birman cats faces, legs, tail, ears and feet are a different color to the rest of their body. They come in a variety of different colored points and they have "white gloves" on each of their feel.

    Health of the Breed

    Generally considered a healthy breed, but they can be known to be sensitive to anesthesia. They are usually type A or B blood type.

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