Black and White Kitty: Meet Ender! You'll Agree, He is Endearing...

by Alli
(Columbus, Ohio)

Endearing Ender

Endearing Ender

Meet this cute black and white kitten named Ender. Keeping Kittens has lots and lots of cute kitten pictures and stories from our community. Join in and share your kitten!!

This is Ender, age 12 weeks. He is a silly little guy, who likes to roll around all over the place, as you can see. My adult cat, Genghis, seems to like him, but Ender is a bit intimidated...I don't think he has ever seen such a large cat before!

In my search to find a kitty companion for Genghis, I stopped at Petco, but continued looking. I found a little black kitten who looked like a mini-Genghis, but I could not stop thinking about this little salt-and-pepper guy back at the pet store.

So, the next day, when he was still there, I knew it was meant to be. He said, "Meow, meow, meow," all the way home, but he is so happy to be there now. I forgot how much fun it is having a kitten in the house!

Thanks Alli for sharing your black and white kitten.

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