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by Springli Sage
(Ellington, CT)

I just love a kitty in a basket!

I just love a kitty in a basket!

Fluffy kitten Jasper is introduced to us by Springli. We hear how adopting a kitten filled a void in this families life. We even have a adorable kitten pic of Jasper as well!!

AKA Comando Kitty, AKA King of the Cat Tree, AKA SnuggleButt... He's a whole lot of kitty wrapped up in a tiny little ball of fuzz.

3 months ago, I lost my beloved Bronte at age 15. We still had 2 cats, but part of me longed for a kitten to help fill the hole in my heart.

A friend of mine has a cat (named Fluffy) who regularly produces 1 litter a year. She is a good mother, even tempered, vigilant but not overprotective. Her kittens tend to be very well balanced and affectionate, and this year's litter was no exception.

I drove 45 minutes to visit them; out of the 3 kittens, Jasper caught my eye immediately. His baby name was Buster Brown, because he was always the first to investigate and was absolutely fearless... I spent an hour hanging out & watching the kittens together, but I knew I'd be taking him home. In fact, although she hadn't said anything (so as not to influence our choice), my friend had already picked him out as the best choice for us.

Jasper has been with us just over six weeks now. His ear tufts are even longer, and his tabby markings are even more pronounced as his undercoat comes in.

I have watched
as the promise of his personality blossomed. He can be an absolute terror, stalking the other cats, driving them to distraction, attacking our feet when we're not looking... Yet my daughters can pick him up and he'll fall asleep in their arms.

He loves sitting in front of the fan or the air conditioner, where his crazy drooping whiskers & gently curling eyebrow whiskers blow around like a mermaid's hair underwater. Almost every night, he comes up on the bed & snuggles with my face, draped across my neck, kneading my cheek without using his claws. He isn't face shy, and touches noses whenever he can reach them (he'll try to lick them too, if we let him).

He curls up on my husband's desk between his arms as he types, and if he wants to be snuggled, he'll put his paws up on my leg & try to jump into my arms... Of course, he's always eager to check out what food is on our plates, but a firm "not for kitties" & a quick puff of air on his face is enough to make him to sit back & observe.

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, we are absolutely foolish over this kitten!

I can understand why you are crazy about Jasper. He sounds like a real character and is super cute to boot!!

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Aug 04, 2010
by: Sam from Keeping Kittens

Thanks so much for sharing Jasper with us.

Jasper, congratulations ? you are our August 2010 Cutest Kitten!

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