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Fading Kitten Syndrome Treatment and Preventive Measures

Sadly Fading Kitten Syndrome (FKS) is often fatal. Depending on the reasons your kitten has FKS - you may be able to help get them through it.

Treating Fading Kitten Syndrome

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Knowing what is behind your kittens case of FKS, will help you to know how to treat him or her. The earlier FKS is detected the more chance your kitten has. Your veterinarian will be able to advise you how to treat your unique case of fading kitten syndrome.

Hard to Treat:

  • Birth defects.
  • Severe traumas.

    These causes of FKS will result in death of your kittens more than likely. There is little you can do for a kitten that has bad birth defects or a sick kitten that has experienced severe trauma.

    Can be Treated:

  • Bacterial infections.
  • Viral infections.

    With early detection and aggressive care some kittens with bacterial or viral infections will survive. Your veterinarian may recommend assisted feeding, antibiotics and even hospitalization.

    Spot the Early Warning Signs at Home

    Your kittens best chance for surviving FKS is early recognition. The mother cat should be feed a high quality diet throughout pregnancy and nursing. You should remain vigilant, watching for any signs of stress in your newborn kittens.

  • Do a detailed examination of the kittens at the time of birth for defects.
  • Monitor the weight gain of the kittens.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of trauma.
  • Watch out for cannabilism.
  • Notice if their is weakness in any of your kittens.
  • Observe if the mother cat is neglecting any of her kittens.

    If you notice any of these things contact your vet with your concerns. Take any kittens you strongly suspect have FKS straight to the vet for an examination.

    Preventative Care

    Unfortunately, some kittens losses are unavoidable. Make sure you are feeding the mother cat a high quality diet suitable for a pregnant cat. Keeping your pregnant mother cat calm, quiet and relaxed can help also. Remember that spotting the early warning signs can mean the difference between a kitten that makes it and a dead kitten.

  • Don't handle newborn kittens more often than neccassary. Overhandling is bad for them.
  • Keep baby kittens warm. You can use heat packs to help their body temperature remain stable.
  • Try to keep fleas and ticks away from your kittens. Use kitten safe preventative measures.
  • Breeding healthy cats will more likely have healthy kittens. Sick cats often have sick kittens.

    For kittens that have experienced a serere trauma, or have been born with bad birth defects - a positive outcome is unlikely.

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