Meet the Gray Tabby 6 Month Old Kitten Named Dexter

by Stephanie
(Chicago, IL, US)

Just Taking a Nap Mom

Just Taking a Nap Mom

This adorable gray tabby 6 month old kitten was shared with us by Stephanie. She shares a few of Dexters mischief stories and even shares a cute kitten picture!

We got an adorable kitty name Dexter just about a month ago; we also call him the baby of the family. Dexter is 6 months old and is one of the cutest kittens I have seen in forever.

A funny story is, every time I go to the bathroom, he waits for me to flush the toilet and then jumps on top and starts fishing his paws in the water.

He is super energetic, funny, loves to be cuddled, stubborn, and super sweet all at the same time. He has one hell of a personality. I wouldn't trade him in for the world.

Thanks Stephanie for sharing Dexter with us. Love the cute kitten pic! If you have a cute kitten photo and story be sure to share.

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Mar 27, 2017
Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

Your Dexter looks just like my Maine Coon mix named Oliver. :-) It is funny because this picture looks just like one I took on my son's bed who had the same color sheets and bedspread. Thank you for sharing.

Jan 01, 2012
Maine Coon?
by: Cori

Your kitten's coloring, fluffy fur and tail, and affection for water might indicate that he is part Maine Coon, which is great because they are very smart, affectionate throughout their lives and very playful even when full grown. We love our Maine Coon Mix. We even taught her to fetch! But be warned: he might continue to grow for three years and end up bigger than you may have expected!

Sep 09, 2010
Sweet Little Gray Tabby!
by: Sam from Keeping Kittens

Thanks for sharing Dexter with us. If you want to check out some other gorgeous gray kittens.


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