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Cute Kitten Pics!
Updates on Our Cutest Kittens Here at Keeping Kittens

Is your kitty the "Cutest Kitten on Earth"? Share your stories and photos, and give your kitten the chance to become the Cutest Kitten.

Lots of people share their cute kitten pics and stories. Some like to also share with us at Keeping Kittens updates on how their little kittens are developing. This is the place to share updates on your kitten if you have already shared your cute kitten picture and story.

Remember to:

  • Share which kittens story you are updating (a link is helpful)
  • Age
  • Personality Traits
  • Funny Story
  • Anything else you want to share about your kitten

    All you need is a clear, bright photo that your kitten is the focal point of. Remember that visitors will be able to see your photo, rate it and make comments. Invite your family and friends to comment on your kitten and your webpage will become more popular. Find your original submission over at enter your cutest kitten picture.

    At this point only one photo can be submitted with one story, hopefully soon you will be able to submit a few cute kittten pictures in one go.

    I look forward to hearing how your kitten is growing, developing and all the mischief they have been up too!! And of course seeing all those cute kitten pics!!

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