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Adorable Abyssinian Kittens
Grow Up to Be Gorgeous Abyssinian Cats!

There is no doubt the Abyssinian (Aby) cat breed is elegant, classy and timeless.

History of the Breed

cute copper abyssinian kitten pictures
Photo by John Morton. (Footer for photo credit)

The Aby breed of feline is one of the oldest known domestic cat breeds. Having been around so long - the Abyssinian cats history is open to a little specuation.

Many people believe the Aby cats were the feline popular in Egypt. It is certainly easy to see how a person can draw this conclusion - with the Aby cats alomost royal features.

The Abyssinian breed may have quite close links with the African wildcat (where domestic cats originally come from).

It is generally held that the Abyssinian got its name due to being introduced the England around the same time as British soliders were returning from war. These soliders had been at war in Abyssina which is now known as Ethipoia.

cute copper abyssinian kitten sleeping
Photo by grebo guru. (Footer for photo credit)

Personality and Traits

Curiousity got the cat is a common expression in English. And Abyssinian kittens have plenty of curiousity (and still do when they become full grown.) The Aby's love people and are inquisitive, and want to know what is going on.

If you are looking for a lively active pet, you may find the Aby to be suitable. It must be noted though that although the Abyssinian kitten is affectionate - they are not generally lap cats.

Abyssinians love interacting with their owners. If you can see yourself playing games of cat and mouse, enjoying your pet being nosey into your household chores and taking pleasure in an intelligent, loyal companion - perhaps the Abyssinian cats are right for you.

Abyssinians are extraverted and can sometimes bother other cats.

Physique and Appearance

The Aby's appearance is just how you would expect an Ancient Egyptian cat to look. They are very lithe, with long graceful legs and exude an air of gracefulness. They are of medium length, and have a muscluar strong body.

The Aby's eyes are almound shaped and come in many colors including gold, hazel, green and copper. There are also several colors this feline comes in - including blue, rudy, red and fawn. The Aby has large triangular ears that are always on the alert.

Health of the Breed

Kitten Fast Facts

  • Not lap cats
  • Some play fetch
  • Loyal and intelligent
  • Inquisitive
  • These felines usually keep good health. Renal Amyloidsis can sometimes be associated with the Abyssinian cat breed. If you are concerned about anything health related before buying an Abyssinian be sure to read "What You Should Know About Aby Kittens for Sale".

    Is the Aby Cat for You?

    If you are looking for a loyal companion, who is inquisitive and intelligent the Aby may be for you. Once you have welcomed an Abyssinian feline into your home, your life will change. Are you ready to recieve a fresh new Abyssinian kitten into your home?

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