Once Was an Xmas Kitten: Rook the Rescue Kitten

by Jeanne C.
(Baltimore, Md.)

As an Xmas Kitten...Rook's first Christmas with us

As an Xmas Kitten...Rook's first Christmas with us

Meet Rook the Rescue Kitten! Photo of Rook as an Xmas Kitten, and Jeanne shares Rooks story about his rescue and kitten adoption.

Rook the rescue kitten came to us when he was just five months old. It was three days after our seven and a half year old, Ginger, had died from a series of strokes. I've always had cats so it didn't seem right not to get another one after Ginger died, even though Ginger was my buddy, my special cat friend. So, with a heart still heavy with grief, I called my friend, Fran, who works for Cat Rescue of Maryland. She had two kittens, she said. Both black and white; brother and sister. There had been three, but one died - they were all sickly when found. The sister rebounded quickly, but the brother was touch and go - they thought they were going to lose him. But now he was a healthy, tough, five month old kitten. Without a doubt, that was the one I wanted - the boy.

Fran brought him over that day. We had put Ginger's toys away, but left out a few for the newbie. I also got a new litter box and food bowls, and new water bowl. Rook (my son named him after a chess piece) wanted none of it. As soon as Fran let him out of the carrier he took off, down the stairs, into out bedroom, and under the bed. All we saw was a black and white blur....

After finally coaxing him out (about two hours later), I carried him up, and showed him where the litter box was, and where the food dishes were. When I let him down, he promptly ran under the buffet and stayed there. My son and daughter tried jingly toys and wand toys to draw him out, but he would have none of it. That night I stayed upstairs. He cried and cried under the buffet.

Finally, when I dozed off, I woke to the sound of tiny paws going into the kitchen. A few minutes later they padded over the the upstairs bathroom, where we had the litter box. When I checked, he had eaten some of the food, and used the litter box. Then it was back under the buffet. This was his pattern for two days - hide somewhere, sneak out to eat, use the litter box, then hide again. And cry.

We left him alone, but let him know we were there. After two days, he finally crawled out to me and let me put him on my lap. He didn't like being held, but liked laps. Then he discovered the cat bed, which he claimed. He loved sleeping in the cat bed! And the toys, he loved playing with them. He would toss the little toy mice in the air and catch them and wrestle with them.

About two weeks later he had pretty much settled in, although he did have some strange habits. Fran had dogs at her place, and Rook must have learned well from them. When a "stranger" would come over, Rook would sit there and growl at him or her. Dog or cat? Eventually the growl changed to a hiss. And then he would run.

We have several doors in our apartment; one leads out to the lobby, another, to the basement, and the third, to a
small foyer where the side door is. One morning, when Rook had been with us a little over a month, I couldn't find him anywhere. I called my husband at work and asked him if he was sure the cat didn't get out when he left for work. My husband is in a wheelchair and leaves through the basement door, where he can take the elevator up to the first floor and go out through the lobby.

Of course he swore Rook didn't get out, but I had a funny feeling.....I grabbed a flashlight and went into the basement of our building. There are storage lockers, utility room, and pipes and such. I canned the ceiling beams with the flashlight - no Rook. I looked in every nook and cranny - no Rook. But I kept hearing a strange, little cry...and I knew it was him. My daughter joined me, and soon she realized the sound was coming from a huge pipe laying against the wall. I looked inside and there he was - terrified, too scared to come out! Just like old times!

We tried his favorite toys, but nothing could bring him out. Finally, I had Stephanie lightly bang on one end of the pipe - that did it - out he ran, and I grabbed him. He huddled close to me, not trying to escape from my arms for once. As soon as we brought him back inside, he ran to this food bowls, toys, cat bed - everything he was now familiar with, as if checking to make sure it was all there and he was really, truly back where he belonged.

At that moment, I realized he did, indeed, belong with us. Not as a replacement for Ginger - but as an addition to our family. When I realized how scared I was of losing him, I knew he was officially mine. And Rook knew it, too.

He still doesn't like being held, but will sit on a lap. He still loves his toy mice, and wand toys, but especially loves laser lights and foam balls. He is a great catcher - throw him a foam ball, he will leap in the air and catch it, then toss it back! He loves to help me change sheets, running under each layer - occasionally not remembering how to get out. Then he does his funny little cry until I pull back whatever cover he is under.

He wakes me up each morning by licking my face. He is, most definitely, a "kissing" kitten. He always gives me a "kiss" when I open a can of his favorite fancy feast grilled food. He rotates each night, sleeping with a different family member. One night he'll be in Paul's bed with him; the next, in our bed, snuggled by my husband's feet.

I call him bubba boo - I have no idea why, but he responds to bubby, bubba boo, and bubba ...and Rook. I look forward to many many years of fun with him.

Thanks Jeanne. Keeping Kittens supports the idea of kitten adoption and love to hear about kittens and cats being rescued!

If you have a kitten adoption story, or some funny kitten tales - share them with us by using the cute kitten picture and story form. Your kitten might even end up in the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame!!

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Independence Kitten: Free Tabby Kittens Rescued and Adpoted: Meet Benjamin

by Jessica

Taking a gray tabby kitten into her heart, Jessica shares how she rescued tabby kitten Benjamin and became this fluffy kittens owner. She even shared a cute kitten picture!

On July 4th my family and I were enjoying the local parade in our town. My brother saw something out of the corner of his eye; it was a skinny little tabby kitten.

Being cat lovers all of us we immediately picked it up. And it immediately started to purr and rub on everyone's faces. After searching around for a mother and letting it go to see if the kitten went home, and nothing coming of it, we decided to take this tiny male home to live with us.

One of my brothers asked what we were going to call this scruffy thing and another immediately said Benjamin after one of the founding fathers. And being homeless he smelled a little questionable to everyone and so he became affectionately known as Benjamin Stanklin.

We carried Benjamin everywhere that day and endured his searching for Mommy all over our faces and hair (he still likes to climb into hair but he mostly feels around and sleeps in it now). We fed him little pieces of chicken and let him gnaw on a rib bone someone ate. But mostly we held him close as he slept the sleep of the young.

Everyone loves our little Benji and can't resist his sleepy little eyes and his silent meows or his incredible ninja skills of walking sideways across the couch cushions.

Even though several people asked us why we would take home a stray cat off the street, when anything could be wrong and his eye's and nose were both a little snotty. How could we resist something so tiny and quiet and cute.

Thank you Jessica for sharing how you ended up with a free tabby kitten. I am always happy to hear about stories where a stray kitten is rescued and adopted by a loving family, even more so when he was a little sick kitten.

If you have a cute kitten picture and story, share it with the Keeping Kittens community.

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Little Baby Ginger Kitten Rescued From the Elements: My Kitty That I Rescued

by Amy
(Knoxville, Tennesee)

Amy shared the story of Baby Girl and how she was rescued as a baby kitten. It is always great to hear about people adopting kittens in need. We love to receive stories about how you got your kitten and look at their cute kitten pics.

It was a rainy day and I was rushing to my car, trying to avoid the downpour. Before I hopped into my vehicle, I heard a terrible whimpering, mewing noise, and then saw a flash of orange. There she was, drenched and soaking wet, the skinniest little kitten that you ever could see. I thought about if she had an owner, but I couldn’t leave her out in the rain, as hard as it was pouring and as cold as it was.

I took her inside and put her in a box with a towel. She was so small, and shaking from the cold. My heart was immediately won over. I spent the next couple of days asking around my neighborhood, and talking to my neighbors. None of them claimed the cat and nobody knew of anybody who had recently had kittens. It appeared I had captured a stray alley cat, who needed a warm place to stay and a good owner.

I named my kitten Baby Girl. I guess that is not a very creative name, but I had never had a cat before her! My family was always a dog family and I couldn’t think of a name that represented how she looked when I first saw her, so tiny and so young. So, I named her Baby Girl, and she has been with me ever since. She’s really mellow, but likes to interact with people and be touched. A really odd thing about her is that she comes when she is called, and I have heard that a lot of cats have the typical cat attitude when it comes to this. Baby Girl always comes when you call her name, to see what you have got, and to get a scratch on the belly or to have her chin rubbed. She also like to have her ears ruffled a little bit.

I will never regret taking her in that first rainy day. Let me tell you, she didn’t smell all that great! However, she was so young and obviously needed a good home. I couldn’t turn her out and I have had nothing but good times with her ever since. If you ever find yourself in this situation, if you can take an animal in you will most likely receive just as much encouragement as they will from your company and an environment that meets their needs.

Thanks to the hero Amy for sharing your kitten adoption story. It is always nice to know there are people out there caring for the stray cats and kittens.

If you would like to see your kitten and their story feature here - dont delay and share your cute kitten pictures with us! You never know... your little baby kitten might even end up in the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame!!

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Black and White Baby Kitten Rescue and Adoption: Miracle is HIS Name

by Ardith
(Longmont, CO, USA)

Three Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

Check out these cute kitten pictures of Miracle. This little baby kitten was rescued by Ardith and her husband who cared for him until he was 8 weeks old. Miracle is a gorgeous baby black and white kitten.

We found this poor defenseless kitten, that had just been born, outside on the lawn. We knew it had just been born because the mother cat jumped and the kitten was still attached to the umbilical cord. She dragged it around until the cord came loose. My husband motioned me over to take a look at it.

As I knelt down to look at it, I thought it was dead. The kitten began mewing . "It's a miracle", my husband said and so it became his name. I gently picked it up, looked around for the mother cat, but she was no where to be found. I placed the kitten inside my shirt, to keep it warm, and took it into the house. I retrieved a box and some towels, and a heating pad from the pantry and made a warm bed for the kitten.

The kitten was fed from a small doll bottle and it began to thrive. By the time it was old enough to wean, it had bitten off the end of the nipple. I did not know what to do, so I called the vet. She said it would probably come out one end or the other. The following day, Miracle vomited the nipple and went on playing.

We kept her for about eight weeks, then we gave her to a nice, young man. We were not supposed to have cats in the house. We told him the kittens name and how he came to be. He liked the name and decided to keep it. It made us happy that he wanted to keep Miracle's name, but it also made us sad that we had to give him up.

We hope that Miracle is doing fine and that we will always remember him.

Thanks Ardith for sharing your tale of kitten rescue! I am glad that you were able to save little baby kitten Miracle and find him a good home.

If you have some cute kitten pictures and a story to go along with them share them with the Keeping Kittens community. It is easy – just visit cute kitten pictures and stories.

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Our Little Grey and White Rescue Kitten: Icabod Crane

by Rizia

Relaxing with Icabod Crane, our gorgeous rescue kitten

Relaxing with Icabod Crane, our gorgeous rescue kitten

The cutest sleepy grey and white kitten ever!! Meet Icabod Crane pictured above, a rescue kitten who is now owned by Rizia.

Icabod came into our lives at 8 wks old. Our GSd's breeder had heard of some kittens born into a home that had too many cats and none of them neutered and got us one. He may have been dumped if a home wasnt found. This has happened to other litters in that household!!! Makes me angry!
He gets on well with our 2 young dogs, he has even been in their mouths and lived to tell us all about it!

He straddles the youngest dog by sitting on his nose and grooms his ears. He also ambushes them as they come into the living room and jumps on their backs.
They love it but the older one can have enough then he chases Icabod out onto the tree.
I am sure he thinks he is a dog. He submits to them, runs to the door when the bell goes and will even retrieve.

Now I need a friend for him because he is outnumbered by dogs...Im a dog walker and there are always dogs in and out of the house.


Thanks Rizia for sharing your cute grey and white rescue kitten with us.

If you have a kitten (or kittens!) you can share too - just go to the cute kitten picture form and share your kitty story. You can view past monthly winners by looking at the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame

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A Little Gray Kitten is Rescued: The Love Of My Life--- Scouty Boy!!

by Laura Riolo
(Lake Ariel, Pennsylania USA)

Scouty Baby.. Look at those ears!!

Scouty Baby.. Look at those ears!!

Scouty is a gray kitten with character. Laura shares how she met him and how he came to be her little kitty. He is a super cute kitty - so be sure to check out the photo!!

I have moved around over the past ten years. I have left a little part of me everywhere I went-- left some possessions, left friends, left memories. I came to Pennsylvania and decided this is where I want to settle and grow some roots. I was ready to start my life and my family. The hard part about being single and moving around a lot is the lack of friends in the new place. So, I needed to change that.

I found a local animal shelter and decided to visit for a day. I walked in, and saw this little paw sticking out from a cage. I didn't see the rest of the body... just a very playful paw that was all too excited to find a play toy. I opened the cage and reached in and found this amazingly cute little fur ball. He was the most adorable thing you could imagine. He curled up on my shoulder, nestled in my hair, and slept. I was instantly in love. I took him home that day. That was the beginning of the best friendship I have ever had. And we sure have had our share of excitement!

I come home from work every day to be greeted by my Scouty Boy sitting patiently by the front door. If he isn't there, all I have to do is call his name, and he comes running, instantly purring. He greets me with a smile, and know he missed me just as much as I missed him. He is the most gentle thing I have ever seen. He and I curl up on the couch every night to watch tv (CSI is his favorite). When I take a bath he is right there in the tub with me. Strange, never knew cats liked water. But my Bannana boy does. Yes, I have so many nicknames for him-- Scouty Bouty Bananna Boy is the most common one.. Don't ask me why, it just came out one day.. and he seems to love it.

At night is the best time of all. He has his own stuffed animal he curls up with. Angie is her name, and he can be found kneading and sucking on here as he falls asleep. I couldn't have asked for a better baby than him. I am so blessed that he picked me that day I walked into the shelter.

Laura, thank you for sharing your story. It really is amazing when an animal picks out its human to live with. Scouty is an adorable little gray kitten and thank you for sharing him with us!

If you have a kitty and please share a cute kiten picture along with his/her personal kitten story. Check out the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame for past winners.

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