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Turkish Angora Kittens
Is an Angora Cat Right for You?

This breed is definitely one of the most adorable cat breeds there is!

History of the Breed

The turkish angora cat breed originates in the 1400's from Western Turkey, near Ankara which was formally named Angora. This cat breed is believe to be decendents of longhair cats brought to Britain and France from Turky, Persia, Russia and Afghanistan as early as the lat 1500s. A few of the remaining Turkish Angoras were imported to the United States in 1962 from the Ankara Zoo and a breeding program begun.

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Personality and Traits of the Breed

Angora kittens are known to be quite outgoing, affectionate and intelligent. The angora cat breed is highly adaptable, and is a suitable choice for families with young children and they make lively companions for senior adults. Angora cats can have an assertive nature and can be opinionated and stubborn.

Physique and Appearance

The agora cat breed is medium-sized with a long slender torso and neck. They have small to medium sized heads that taped towards the chin. Turkish angora cats are a finely boned breed with large ears pointed and tufted.

The eyes are large and almond shaped, with a long tapering tail. An adult weighs 6 - 11 pounds. Their coat is medium-long in length fine and silky and requires only minimal grooming.

Kitten Fast Facts

  • Loving and playful
  • Assertive and opinionated
  • Intelligent
  • Highly adaptable
  • Health of the Breed

    Turkish angora kittens and cats with blue eyes can suffer from deafness. Sometimes this breed can suffer from issue with their kneecaps (luxatina patella). Some owners of turkish angora cats report skin allergies.

    Is an Angora Kitten Right for You?

    If you are looking for a lively furry companion that adapts well, an agora cat might be right for you. They are suitable for families with young children and you will find them to be a loyal and playful addition to the family.

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