Main Coon Cat Kitten Cross Ragdoll: Whisky Having a Catnap Attack

by Susan
(Edmonds, WA, USA)

Please tell me it is not time to get up yet!

Please tell me it is not time to get up yet!

Funny kitten pictures at Keeping Kittens. Susan introduces us toh er sons super adorable, Main Coon/Ragdoll kitten and shares his story. His name is Whisky (What a great Main Coon/Ragdoll kitten name!!) She has even shared a gorgeous cute kitten picture of Whisky relaxing as well...

Whiskerpaws (alias Whisky) is our son's 5 month old Main Coon / Ragdoll mix kitten. He saved up for her for three years and took sole care of our other cats for a few months to prove he was ready for his own kitty. We got her when she was weaned at 8 weeks old and weighed less than a pound. She is now hovering around 4.5 pounds.

Every afternoon at about 4PM I bring in the mail and sit on the couch to sort through it. She promptly makes herself comfortable and goes into a kitty coma. My husband comes home at 6PM and frequently finds me still on the couch with our lump of fur on my lap. He has been quite doubtful that she can possibly sleep that long and may have wondered if I was trying to get out of cooking dinner those nights. There does some to be a strong correlation between these catnaps and eating out :).

Well today, my husband sat down on the couch at about 4PM. Shortly there after, Whisky came along and made herself comfortable. Fortunately, my husband had his PDA with him to keep him entertained and capture this shot, as Whisky didn't wake up until 7PM!

P.S. We had take-out pizza tonight. Thanks Whisky!

Thanks for sharing your sons super cute maine coon cat kitten cross picture Susan! Whisky is adorable and his sleeping style reminds me of one of my own little girls. If you would like to share your cute or funny kitten pictures Along with your story click here.

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Jan 25, 2011
These cats are Maine....
by: Anonymous

A Maine coon is like the State in the Union, Maine.
These are not 'main' coons as in primary or forefront.

Aug 20, 2010
Love the Picture
by: pryor777

I'm looking to purchase a main coon ragdoll cross kitten. Can you tell where to get one? Thanks

Aug 04, 2010
Whisky is Cute
by: Sam from Keeping Kittens

Thanks for sharing Whisky with us Susan.

We can all see that Whisky loves to have a nice nap snuggled with his owner!

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