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Getting a Christmas Kitten - A Good Idea or Not?

Welcoming a new member into your family, such as a new kitten should not be done lightly. Although adorable, Christmas kittens need just as much thought as a new kitten brought at another time of year. Here are a few points to consider, that you may not have thought of.

1. Is a kitten appropriate for your intended gift recipient? Many kittens that are given as gifts end up unwanted and some even end up abandoned. When the kitten becomes to much of a burden financially or just to much work, sometimes people put the kitty out to fend for itself. This is highly unfair on the kitten as a domestic animal, breed to be a pet and to be cared for by humans. Please spend some time deciding whether a kitten is an appropriate gift for the recipient you have in mind. Kittens and other animals are abandoned after xmas, to the point that shelters are overflowing according to the Humane Society.

grey xmas kitten in Christmas tree
Photo by Sandra E Adams. (Footer for photo credit)

2. Can the gift recipient reasonably afford to care for an animal? Most people love to have something cute and furry around - like a little kitten. Will the recipient be able to continue to pay for food, vet bills and other expenses throughout the cats lifetime? Do they want to spend money on caring for this kitty?

3. Is the gift kitten recipient allergic to animals? It would not be very good if the person you wish to give an xmas kitten to was allergic to cats. If you plan on giving the gift of kitty companionship - it would be prudent to investigate this before you pick out a kitten.

4. How old is the Christmas kitten recipient? A persons age has some special considerations. A young child may not know how to behave towards a kitten, or how to care responsibly for one. Will the parents be involved in ensuring the safety of the new kitten? If you are the parent, are you prepared that you will need to make sure your child fufills their part by caring for the little kitten? On the other hand, an older person may not have the energy or inclination to care for an energetic young kitten. There is also the factor that a kitten may outlive an elderly owner - so perhaps an adult cat may be a better choice.

5. Do they actually WANT a pet? What are you going to do to care for the kitten if the gift recipient cannot care for it? If you choose to buy or adopt a kitten to give as an xmas gift - you need to make sure that this little animal is cared for if the recipient cannot.

6. Gift them a kitten care package also. To get your gift recipient off on the right foot - make sure they have all they need to care for the kitten for the next little while to see them through the holiday season.

If In Any Doubts About Your Intended Gift Recipient...
Do Not Get Them a Kitten!

It should go without saying that if a person is not a suitable recipient for a christmas kitten, you should not get them a puppy, rabbit or some other kind of animal. Pets are living breathing things with needs, and it is cruel to put them in a situation where their needs cannot be met.

Basically use some common sense and think about the long term effects of inviting a kitten into someones life. Even though it "ruins the surprise" it might be best to test out the gift idea of a kitten with the person before you get a kitten for them. Be sure to offer to take back the kitten if it does not work out with your recipient for any reason - so you can be assured the kitten will be cared for.

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