Rory the Cute Siamese Kitten: Traditional Siamese Cat Pictures

by Celia
(Sun Prairie, WI)

Rory as an awww-dorable baby

Rory as an awww-dorable baby

Seal point traditional Siamese kitten Rory! Celia introduces us to her cute Siamese, including cute Siamese kitten and cat pictures and his story of growth.

Rory is a seal point traditional Siamese cat. He was born on a farm, so there isn't much chance that he's a purebred! His owners posted an ad in the paper saying they had Siamese kittens available, so his original owners went and picked him out.

Rory lived with his original owners for 5 years, but he developed a serious phobia of their dog and refused to come out from a certain room in the house. His owners decided it was best to send him to live with another home. That's how we acquired Rory at the age of 5.

At first Rory was petrified in our house, because we have neighbors on either side of us with large dogs. He could hear them barking and it frightened him a lot. However, after a while he realized that the dogs didn't live in our house so they couldn't hurt him.

Poor Rory still had obstacles to overcome. We have another cat who is a bit of a bully. She's a 7-year-old Birman named Andromeda, and she's queen of the castle. Every time she saw Rory, she chased him and gave him a rough time. We felt very bad about this, as poor Rory spent most of his time in our office away from the other cats. We have another Siamese named Gabe, and he tried his best to make Rory feel welcome, but Andromeda simply negated all that.

Flash forward to a year
later, and Rory is now a full-fledged member of our home. With patience and perseverance, he has learned that Andromeda is all meow and no bite. He stands up to her, and sometimes they even sleep within a foot of each other! It's a great accomplishment. Rory is my husband's baby...Rory positively adores my husband, and follows him around the house all day long. If you're ever wondering where Rory is, just find my husband and you'll find Rory!

I love my cats, and therefore they have about a million nicknames. Just a few of Rory's are Borzam, Lobo, Robo-cat, and Bobo. Poor cat probably has no idea what his proper name is, given that he has so many cutesie nicknames!

For a cat that started out so shy, Rory is the most insistent cat in the house when it comes to being next to you or in your lap. He's a true lap cat, and he'll let you know his intentions adamantly.

Rory is a true example of how cats sometimes just need a little time to blossom. If you give them that time, they'll often end up being the most loyal, friendly, and treasured members of the family you could ever ask for.

Thanks Celia. It is lovely to see that Rory came out of his shell when he became older. Also thanks for the cute kitten pictures and photos of Rory all grown up.

If you would like to share your kitten pictures and story (even if he or she is now a full grown cat) please do! Check out cute kitten stories for more details.

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Aug 14, 2010
Traditonal Siamese Kitten Rory is Adorable
by: Sam from Keeping Kittens

Thanks for letting us take a peek into Rory and his life. He was a gorgeous kitten ? and is a great looking cat.

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