Meet This Cute Black and White Kitten: Theres a Ninja on the Loose

by Britany

Black and white kitten named Ninja, with a super cute kitten photo to boot. Find out how Britanys tuxedo kitty got his name after a long time of being nameless...

I have a black and white kitten named ninja. she was a present from my good friend Nathan. Ninja is the most adorable cat ever but she wasn't always called Ninja. for about a week she didn't have a name, we just said "Here kitty kitty." because i couldn't think of a cute enough name for her. The week after i got her i had a lot of friends over, i looked and looked but my kitty was nowhere to be found.

I was so afraid that she'd been hurt or had gotten out somehow. my friend Liz kept saying Chillax she'll turn up but i was so frustrated. we all sat down to watch some TV, when my friend Skylar jumps up from his spot on the middle of the couch and yells. I asked whats wrong and he said "something just scratched my butt!" every one laughs but when i looked behind the couch nothing was there.

So we went back to watching tv. A little while later liz jumps and screams. I asked whats wrong, and she says "I swear something just bit me." we looked under the couch but nothing was there. At this point i started to get a little suspicious.

We went back to watching TV and when nothing else happened for a while i let my guard down until Chris screams "Whats that!?" but by then it was to late i turned my head only to see a black blur of fur flying toward my face. she landed right there on me, and i was so happy to have found her. "So thats where the kitty was." Liz said. "Dude your cat's silent like a ninja." Skylar had said. and thats how my kitty got her name.

Thanks Britany for sharing how Ninja got his name. Love the picture of him too!! Such an adorable kitty.

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Jun 02, 2018

by: Jeff

Thank you for the warning. We try and check anything submitted to the site.

Mar 10, 2018
Someone used your photo on Craigslist
by: Anonymous

This was the exact photo a scammer placed on Craigslist of a kitten I bought in Buffalo, NY. It was advertised as a female Maine coon. She looked just like the cat in the photo when I gotgot her. Unfortunately she passed away from leukemia when she was 8 months. The owners lied about having a vetted cat. Just be careful where you post photos.

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