Blue Point Siamese Kitten: Cute Kitten Pictures: Who Rules the Roost?

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, Mi)

Meet blue point Siamese kitten Prince Adler of Bleu! Jennifer shares cute Siamese kitten pictures of Adler and his story. We have more Siamese kitten pictures and an opportunity for you to enter our monthly Cutest Kitten Contest!

We recently added a new spoiled rotten addition to our family. His full name is Prince Adler of Bleu, however we just call him Adler! He came into a home full of chaos and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Adler came home to a house with two teenage boys, and 2 full grown dogs that are much much larger than he is. However, never missing a beat our new baby kitten ruled the roost from his first steps into our home and hearts!

Adler being just old enough to be away from his Mother came home to us in February of this year. He as my Valentines day gift from my husband as when I was a child I also had a Siamese cat and just fell in love with them and after many hints and years I finally got my own.

Being a paranoid pet Mom however, I was worried how he would do with 2 BIG dogs that had been here and been part of our family for years.

After loving and hugging on my new baby boy for awhile I decided to place him on the floor and see what happened. Of course both dogs came charging to see the new precious
bundle sitting on their living room floor! Oh no I thought. But, before I could grab him he took of chasing them! Yes, my baby Siamese cat was in a full on chase with our dogs and HE was the one chasing THEM! I couldn't help but crack up!

Soon we had to find a place to feed our sweet little kitten as we did not want to feed him by the dogs as we know how aggressive they can be with their food. We ended up feeding him in the hallway entrance to the kitchen, while the dogs at in the kitchen like always.

Before we knew it both dogs were sitting at the entrance to the kitchen while Adler ate his dinner, because every time they tried to enter to get their food, Adler would turn around and swat at them. The dogs still to this day are only allowed to eat AFTER Prince Adler is done eating!

We love our little Prince, and so do his full grown dog sisters but it is no hidden secret that Adler does run this house! Spoiled he is, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you Jennifer! We loved to hear about Prince Adler of Bleu's antics and how he stands his ground with your two rather large dogs!

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Jul 25, 2010
Prince indeed!!
by: Anonymous

Adler is such a beautiful kitty. Is he a traditional Siamese, or an apple-headed?

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