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3 Safe and Simple Steps to Treat Fleas on Kittens

Did you know that fleas on kittens are not just annoying, but are also a health risk to your baby kitten?

Fleas are nasty little parasites that prey on young animals with underdeveloped immune systems, like your kitten! This is why flea control for kittens is super important. A kitten with fleas not only experiences skin irritations and itchiness, but because of blood loss your kitty can actually develop Anemia too.

Lets look at the 3 simple steps to get rid of fleas on kittens.

1. Clean the Kitten With Fleas

Seems obvious doesn't it?

Young kittens should not be treated by flea collars, cat flea shampoo or spot on flea control. Baby kittens require careful care and handling. To rid your little kitten of fleas you will need mild detergent, warm water, soft cloth, a flea comb and roping someone else in to help you is a good idea.

Submerge the kitten in the warm soapy water, be sure to keep his head out! Gently use the soft cloth to wipe down your kittens body. Make sure you wipe the areas around his head which did not go under water too. When your kitty has been cleaned, it is time to use the flea comb. Give your kitten a good brush to get rid of any stubborn fleas.

2. Flea Control for Kittens Starts With the Mother Cat

If you only treat the baby kitty for fleas, they will most likely catch them back off of their mother. For a adult cat you can use feline flea control products. Check with your veterinarian that the flea control products are safe for a nursing mother cat. For good measure give the mother cat a good brush with the flea comb too

Live fleas are only part of the problem, there is also the eggs and larvae. Treat all pets in the house for fleas simultaneously.

3. Make Kittens Environment Spick and Span

Lastly, but not least - clean your kittens environment. Fleas are sneaky little things, and can be hard to completely wipe out.

To be most effective call in the services of a pest controller. Alternatively you can buy an aerosol "bomb" from the supermarket. Everyone, and every pet (including fish!) will need to exit the premises temporarily.

You can get what is called a IGR (insect growth regulator). This will interfere with the fleas natural life cycle and stop eggs from hatching, kill the larvae and render adult fleas unable to reproduce. You can get these as either a bomb or a spray.

When you vacuum make sure to replace the bag each time, and seal the bag when you are finished. This will prevent fleas from escaping. Make sure you get into every nock and cranny, the larvae like to use your home as an all you can eat dust buffet.

Clean your kittens bedding in hot soapy water. For a really bad infestation throw out the kittens blankets and bedding. Dealing with fleas on kittens isn't much fun - but it is necessary for a happy healthy kitten.

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