Cute Fluffy Kitten Picture: Lol Friday Wants A Lollipop

by Jodi
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Hey my lollipop

Hey my lollipop

Jodi shares her cute kitten and a cute kitten picture to boot!! Find out what Jodi had to do to get her kitten Friday, and learn more about this kittens personality.

I bet my mom that I could clean my bedroom in two days (I hate cleaning and it was trashed) but I really wanted a kitten. He was the most sane cat at the apl (or so we thought) but I was sadly mistaken. He went crazy as soon as he met his brother Sunday(Sunday still hates Friday) but fast forward a few months and he will steal table food before we even have started eating. This pic is him trying to eat a lollipop (wrapper and all) on my bedroom floor. He is named Friday (we call him Fri Fri) and bites like nuts.

Thanks Jodi!

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