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Getting Your Kittens Biting Under Control

A biting kitten will soon grow into a biting cat. And most people do not like a biting cat. Even if you do not mind playfully biting kittens, consider others who will interact with your kitty. Visitors to your home may not appreciate being bitten by your kitten, and if you have children a biting kitten is definitely not a good thing!

Some kittens are born biters, some are not. If you have a biting kitten here are a few things you can do to help minimize kitten bites:

  • Try to not play with your kitty using your hands. It can be fun to rough house when they are young, but your kitten will grow up to be a biting cat if this bad habit is not nipped in the bud.

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  • Do not tease your kitten in such a way that their only "defense" is to bite your hand. This is unnecessary and unfair. Make sure to play with plenty of toys with your kitty if you are find it difficult to stop her from biting.

  • Be sure to tell visitors that you do not play with the kittens with your hands, and have plenty of toys on hand to have fun with the kittens.

  • When your kitten bites in play, stop the play time immediately and say "no" in a firm tone. Allow for a bit of time out before you play once again with your kitten, they will learn that if they bite play time is over. Sometimes stopping play is not effective enough, so you may need to put them in another room or put them outside (if they are an inside outside kitty).

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