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Cute Black and White Kitten Pictures

The black and white cats are almost classic domestic kittens aren't they? Have you ever seen a really adorable black and white kitten? I am sure that you have!! Here are a few photos of kittens that have white and black markings.

Kitten Black and White
Photo by Vic. (Footer for photo credit)

Black and White Upside Down Kitten

This kitty is showing he has a bit of character, what does the world look like when you turn it upside down?

Black and White Cute Kitten Photo
Photo by kemped. (Footer for photo credit)

Little Kitty Chilling on the Stairs

This black and white kitten is getting to know his new home, he has already decided that the stairs is a good place to hang out!

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Picture of Black and White Long Haired Kitten
Photo by SOS animals. (Footer for photo credit)

B&W Kitty With His Toy

If you saw this little guy, you would want to take him home immediately wouldn't you?

Black and White Kittens
Photo by Vic. (Footer for photo credit)

Two Brothers Alseep Together

The white and black markings of these kittens contrasts well with the colorful looking bean bag they are sleeping on.

Sleeping black and white kitten
Photo by Roberta Taylor. (Footer for photo credit)

Black and White Sleeping Kitty

This kitten is all tuckered out from all her play time! But don't worry, she is only recharging her batteries!

More About Cute Kittens

Looking at pictures of kitten cats is fun! Do you have any kitten pictures you would like to share? Keeping Kittens is a community of cat lovers who love to share their kitten pictures. Enter our monthly contest and earn your kitten the title of the "Cutest Kitten".

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