Smokey Black Kitten Picture and Story: Meet Harley

by Jennifer
(Benzonia, Michigan USA)



Jennifer shares her black kitten story with us. Harley is a super cutie, and he is quite the tough cat!! She shares how Harley came to be hers, and some funny stories.

How I got him: My neighbor found him in 2000 and I took him in :) my dad named him Harley because he purrs loud haha

Nicknames: We just call him Harley Cat or just kitten.

Traits: He is stubborn and very independent. But when he wants to he will be very lovey and cute. He has black and auburn fur with some white hair now!

Funny Story: When we still had our chihuahua (she passed away) he would stalk her for a while then tackle her and roll her around and then run away haha

Harley is 10 years old now and still lively and brings us a present every once in a while :) haha

Thanks Jennifer for sharing Harley and his antics with us!! For more ideas for black cat and kitten names or to see more photos of black kittens.

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