Kirby is Such a Handsome Boy!

by Maria Kryszak
(Oak Lawn, IL)

I Don't Know What They're Talking About!  I'm Innocent!

I Don't Know What They're Talking About! I'm Innocent!

Kirby came into our lives on May 23rd of this year. . .weighing in at just over a pound. It's hard to remember a time when we didn't have him. Despite the ups and downs of his first few months battling with FKS, he has grown and thrived and turned into quite a character.

Though he is the youngest of our three cats and dog, he thinks he's the boss. We often have to step in and "redirect" his energy, from trying to pin down his older brother's tail, or stealing his sister's toy so he can drop it in the water bowl for the 20th time, to some other activity. He has a very dominant personality, and is fearless and curious about anything and everything.

Considering how tiny (his little body fit in the palm of my hand) and helpless he was those first few weeks of having to syringe-feed him, it's hard for us to be irritated with him--for very long. (Our other pets do not share the same perspective we do, and often feel the need to put him in his place with a well-placed paw.)

We sometimes have to give him a "time-out", away from the others, mostly for their benefit so they can catch their breath and recover from his overbearing enthusiasm for life, and also for our sanity!! But we love Kirby!

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