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First off, a free practical email newsletter to kitten care is hard to find. So it stands to reason that since I started Keeping Kittens I have recieved many questions regarding caring for kittens. Many questions I get asked over and over again.

Often these questions are addressed and answered on this website, but many people do not have the time to dig through hundreds of pages to find what they are looking for...

So I decided to sit down and put together a free kitten and cat care newsletter, to help people who are thinking of getting a kitten, have just brought a new kitten home or just want to know more about caring for their kitten. It will be a free printable guide which you can download.

If you have questions like...

  • How do I adopt or buy the right kitten for me?
  • How do I kitten-proof my home?
  • How do I introduce my new kitten to other pets?
  • What are the common kitten illnesses?
  • How can I help prevent my kitten from getting sick?
  • How do I handle a naughty kitten?
  • What do I need to know about rescuing an orphaned kitten?
  • What vaccinations does my kitten need?

...then you need to sign up for the newsletter dedicated to kitten and cat care.

Learn about litter training your kitten, preventing and treating feline illnesses, kitten-proofing your home, introducing a new kitten to children, dealing with kitty behavioral issues and much, much more...

After Reading the Newsletter You Will Know:

  • How to choose a kitten that suits you and your family.
  • What vaccinations your kitten needs.
  • How to handle behavioral issues.
  • How to introduce a new kitten to children and other pets.
  • What to feed your kitten to keep her healthy.

Just fill in your details below and you will be your first free issue Taking Care of Kittens . Every month a new issue will arrive...for free!

Don't worry there is no catch with this offer. We enjoy sharing what we know about caring for kittens, but this website has become so popular we just can't keep up with all the questions!! The amount of questions we recieve via email is one of the reasons we are creating this kitten newsletter.

What happens once you click "Submit"?

You will receive an email that will ask you to confirm your "subscription". The purpose of it is to simply confirm your email address is correct.

In order to receive your FREE kitten newsletter you will need to click on the confirmation link in the email. This will take you to a "Thank You" page.

There is no catch, all of this is really free, and I hope it will help you will learn a lot aboutcaring for kittens.

Keeping Kittens - Guide to Caring for Kittens
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Keeping Kittens - Guide to Caring for Kittens
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