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Do You Have a Scratching Kitten?

An adorable kitty is not so adorable when they are scratching all the time. It is anti-social behavior for a kitten to scratch humans, and this type of activity needs to be nipped in the bud. However general scratching is completely natural kitten behavior, and scratching is how your kitty keeps their claws nice and sharp.

To keep your kittens scratching under control, you need to provide your kitty with a safe place to scratch. Here are a few ideas to help keep your kittens scratching under control:

problems with kitten scratching
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  • Scratching post. You need one - there is no two ways about it. If you value your furniture in any way at all - you need to have a scratching post and your kitten needs to be trained from day one. This article How to Teach Use of a Scratching Post to Your Kitten will help you get started.

  • Discipline. You need to be consistent with your kitten from day one. Baby kitten scratches may be cute and harmless, but an adult cat who scratches is no fun. If your kitten scratches a person you can say "no" in a firm way and stop playing immediately. You may need to put them in another room, or even outside if they are an inside/outside cat. Discipline must be done straight after the incident otherwise your kitten wont understand why playtime is over.

  • Try to not play with your kitten with your hands. Playing with your hands will encourage antisocial kitten behavior like scratches and kitten biting.

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