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Kitten Sneezing
What Causes a Kitten to Sneeze?

There are all sorts of reasons for sneezing kittens. A kitten sneeze in itself is perfectly harmless; it is when a kitten starts to sneeze all the time that there might be cause for concern. Your little kitten can't explain how he is feeling so you may have to do a bit of detective work to figure out why you have a sneezing kitten!

If you kitten is sneezing continually - this may be a sign that something more than an isolated mild sneeze is going on. Included on this page are some of the common reasons your kitten might be sneezing.

Kitten Sneeze: Common Causes for Feline Sneezing

Kitten Allergies

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Just like you might have allergies, your kitten can get allergies too. Some of the things your kitten may be allergic to might cause her to sneeze. Some of the possible things your little kitten may be allergic too are:

  • Dust.
  • Pollen.
  • Mold.
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Chemicals.
  • Dust in the kitty litter.
  • Carpet cleaners.
  • Aerosols.
  • Candle smoke.

    Upper Respiratory Infections

    This means infections to do with the nose, mouth and sinuses. These can be highly infectious with infected cats passing it on to other members of the feline family. URI are caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    If you suspect your kitten has a URI you will also notice she has a fever, wet nose, coughing, watery eyes and she will be lethargic. Your kitten may also have swollen glands and eyes, have difficulty breathing and produce mucus as well.

    Foreign Objects Stuck In Kittens Respiratory Area

    Not very common in kittens, but still a possibility. Your kitten may have swallowed a small object which has gotten stuck in her respiratory tract. Check your kittens throat with a flashlight and use tweezers to extract the object. If you don't successfully remove the object stuck, take your kitty to the vet for an examination.

    Teeth Infections/Tumors

    These are not very likely in a young kitten. If your kitty is suffering from tooth decay other signs you will notice are bad breath, swollen gums and possibly puss in the mouth area. Check for tooth decay and abscesses. Take her to your veterinarian for official diagnosis and a treatment plan.

    Course of Action When Faced With A Chronically Sneezing Kitten?

    Say it with me... take her to the veterinarian!

    If a kitten has been sneezing a lot for several days and you have not figured out the cause - it is time for kitty to visit the vets office so she can get better.

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