What Kitten Should I Adopt? They're All Sooooo Cute!

by Maria Kryszak
(Oak Lawn, IL)

Newborn Kitten Twins Photo By brookesb

Newborn Kitten Twins Photo By brookesb

All you need to know about kitten adoption and how to adopt the right kitten for you. What things should you look for in a kitten? This kitten adoption information and tips is from Maria.

Ok, you've finally decided which one of those adorable little balls of fluff you are going to adopt/take home. It's easy to choose a kitten based only on looks (they're all so adorable and cute when they're fuzzy and tiny), but looks alone should NOT be what determines which kitten will become yours.

Hopefully, you've spent a good amount of "floor time" with your candidate before adopting him, to get a good sense of his temperament. Observe how he reacts to a loud sound or two--does he cower and hide, refusing to be coaxed out, even with a toy? How does he react to seeing a large object like an empty box or a rubber ball? Does he seem inquisitive and interested in the new object?

Assess his physical condition: No mucus crusted around his eyes and/or nose--no sneezing--no "messy butt" indicating diarrhea. His eyes should be clear and bright and he should appear active and inquisitive. What does he do when you hold him? Does he purr right away enjoying the feel of your hand petting his back, or does he struggle immediately to get out of your arms?

If his
littermates are there it would be ideal to observe how he acts around them. Does he seem excessively frightened, or act like a bully?

Generally, it's a good idea to avoid extremes in behavior. A kitten that is very timid may always be shy, but may still fit into your home and life if you are looking for a calmer pet, don't have very young children at home, or any other pets.

If you have a big, noisy household with young children and/or other pets, the kitten that seemed fearless with his littermates may be a good choice.

The point is, it is more important to choose your new pet based on outward signs of health and whether he will be a good fit in your home, than looks. You and he will enjoy a long relationship together, and fitting into your home from the beginning helps ensure it will be a happy one.

If you would like to share your tips for taking care of kittens, we would love to hear from you. Don't worry if your tips seem basic...there is a first time kitten owner everyday that needs your help!

Thanks again Maria! Meet Marias little kitten Kirby and find out his story. Kirby can be found in the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame where all our past Cutest Kitten winners can be found.

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