Treating a Kitten Cold At Home

by Mona

Reader Question on Kitten Cold:

My kitten seems to just have a cold. She is sneezing and has watery eyes and a stuffed up nose but she eats and drinks like a champ.

I do not have any money to take her to the vet at the moment so I want to know if its ok to give her kids cold meds or kids benedryl.

I have already put her in a steamy shower and wiped her with a warm towel but she still cant breath.

Vet Suggestion for treating a Kitten Cold

Hi Mona,

Upper respiratory infections are a very common problem in young cats. If that is indeed what is going on in this case, many individuals can get better with only symptomatic care. Keep the cat’s eyes and nose clear with a warm wash cloth, place her in a steamy bathroom a couple of times a day, and make sure she keeps eating and drinking (feed canned food that has been warmed up slightly).

If your cat isn’t significantly better within a week or two or if her condition worsens (e.g., she starts to have trouble breathing or stops eating), make an appointment with your veterinarian. She may need antibiotics to clear a bacterial infection or she could be suffering from something other than an upper respiratory infection.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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