Rook the Rescue Kitten: Cute Xmas Kitten Under the Tree

by Jeanne Clarke
(Baltimore, Maryland)

First Christmas

First Christmas

Rook is a very special kitten. He was rescued by Jeanne at just 5 months old. Check out this cute picture of him under the Xmas tree turning from kitten to adolescent cat. If you have a cute kitten like Rook, share them using the cute kitten pictures form.

Rook came to us, a rescue kitten, at five months of age. In this photo he is still a kitten, sort of making the transition to an adolescent cat. He was the offspring of a feral mom, all taken in by a friend of ours who does trap/spay/neuter and release in our city.

Rook and his siblings were very small, very ill, and were nursed back to health. When our beloved cat, Ginger, passed away from a series of strokes, I called our friend and told her we needed a kitten. That is how we got Rook. My son named him after a chess piece. This picture was taken at his first christmas with us. Even now, three years later, he still loves posing under the tree and batting at the lower ornaments!

In spite of his sickly start in life, Rook is now healthy and a total powerpack! Although no longer a kitten, he is still my baby!

Rook is a very special kitty! Thanks for sharing him!!

Rook is the Cutest Kitten for the month of May 2011. If you would like to share your kitten please use the cute kitten pictures form. To check out past winners of the monthly Cutest Kitten contest go to the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame.

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