Resuce a Kitten? Meet Ripley Todd the Rescued Kitty

by Michelle Lyons
(Fairborn, OH, USA)

The first day home

The first day home

At Keeping Kittens we always like to hear about kittens who have been rescued. Meet Ripley Todd, she was rescued by Michelle from the local animal shelter.

I rescued Miss Ripley Todd from the local animal shelter. I saw her picture on the animal shelter website and just could not stop thinking about her.

I found out that she and her sister and brother were dropped off at the animal shelter in the middle of the night in November with their birth date on the box (10/19/10).

The woman at the shelter said she was worried that this Torti Tabby would not be adopted because of her personality (she's a little wily).

I struggled to name my new kitty. I finally chose Ripley Todd, the name of the female deputy from one of my favorite novels. I have had Ripley for three months now and she has helped me through the most difficult quarter of graduate school.

Ripley is a great distraction from homework. Always lying on my computer or sitting herself right between me and the textbook I am trying to read. She loves to play and make sure that I wake up at odd hours of the night because she has emptied her food bowl and is ready for a refill.

The funniest thing Ripley has ever done was over my spring break from school. I wanted to spend my break sleeping in and just enjoying my days off, but Ripley had other plans.

I am usually up at 4am. The first morning I was awake by about 7 or so which was okay with Ripley since that's about when I wake up on the weekends. The second day however, I tried to sleep in.

Ripley opened up the curtains so the sun was aimed directly in my face and pounced all over me. While I thought I was being clever by filling her food dish the night before, Ripley did not want food... she wanted a playmate! So much for sleeping in over spring break! However, we did have lots of fun playing and cuddling the whole break!!

Thanks for sharing Ripley, Michelle.

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