My Precious Little Kitten Ginger

by Cindy Kuhnel
(Laurens, S.C.)

Baby Ginger this Spring

Baby Ginger this Spring

Last April my husband went to let out our little dog named Dixie. She always goes out in the front & does her pee-pee quickly and returns.

On this one beautiful Spring day~~she ran over to an old dog bed on our porch which was headed for the trash. Inside in the middle was a very small calico kitten approximately 4 weeks old.

Still a mystery as to where she came from. We of course kept her & she was able to eat kitten chow with can food right away. We kept her inside until about 6 months until she ran out one day & would come back to come inside every hour or so.

I had some surgery and as things went~~she started looking fatter and we knew she was pregnant. Only a few weeks later...she had her 4 kittens where we had set up her birthing area in our antique closet. The littlest one was my favorite from the start...we knew she was a girl since she was white with grey and orange spots all over her body. She had the cutest face with a large orange spot over her one eye. We named her Ginger.

Ginger is the most observant kitten of the 4. She will stare at you and will stare at her siblings when they are doing something new or a new trick. Ginger has been the 1st one to climb up our comforter one night to sleep with us which is now nightly. She was the 1st one to be way on top of the antique dresser/closet...jumped from the floor to a dresser to the top !! She will watch tv when I hold her on my lap. We have so much fun with her and she holds a very special place in my heart. We are keeping all 4 kittens and mom and just got their mama & all 4 babies (now 3 months old( fixed. Ginger and siblings are in their Forever Home !!

Editor Comment

Thanks for being such as good friend to a rescue kitten!

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