Meet this cute kitten named "DUSTY." He is 10 weeks now and a wonderfully playful and friendly little guy!: )

by Michael
(Santa Monica, CA)

Big Beautiful Eyes!

Big Beautiful Eyes!

More and more cute kittens are being shared on Keeping Kittens. Meet gorgeous grey stripped kitten named Dusty, proudly owned by Michael.

Well, I own a lot of exotic pets and have also had dogs my entire life. I was at my local pet store and my friend Paula told me they had a new kitten litter in the back. I went to see them purely out of curiosity. That is when I first saw Dusty!

He is grey stripped, had bright baby blues, and the cutest white nose. I fell in love;). He was only 7 1/2 weeks then and is growing so fast. Thankfully, I mostly work from home and get the pleasure of spending a lot of play and rest time with him. As a matter of fact, he is sleeping on me as I type;). Awesome! He is gonna grow up to be quite the mensch!

Thanks Michael for sharing.

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