Male and Female Cute Kitten Names: Popular, Original & Unique Names for Kittens

What Would You Name Me?

What Would You Name Me?

Lots and lots of great girl and boy kitten names submitted by Keeping Kitten readers. Loads of cute, funny and unique names for a kitten to help you find that perfect kitty name.

Since I have been running the monthly cute kitten picture contest I have noticed that people love to share!! So I decided to open up this page for you to share your favorite cute kitten names with Keeping Kitten readers.

Please DO:

  • Share as many names you like
  • Share a group of names around a theme, like twin kitten names or ginger kitten names
  • Include family appropriate names
  • Have fun and be original!!!

    Please DONT:

  • Just copy and paste kitten names from another website

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