Litter Box Kitten Training: You Can Never Have Too Many Litter Boxes!

by Maria Kryszak
(Oak Lawn, IL)

Kirby - Our Famous First Ever Cutest Kitten Winner!

Kirby - Our Famous First Ever Cutest Kitten Winner!

Great pointers about litter box kitten training from Maria. Simple kitten information about raising several kittens and keeping litter boxes areas tidy. If you are wanting a short-cut guide to litter box kitten care... this is all the kitten info you need to read!

It's been my experience, having raised and lived with ten kittens in my lifetime, that the more litter boxes you have around the house, the easier it is for your little one to remember to use it.

If you have multiple levels in your home, it's important to have a litter box on each level, and if you have multiple cats/kittens, I think the general rule is one more box than the number of cats you have.

So, if you have four cats/kittens living with you, it would be appropriate to provide five litter boxes. Having more boxes cuts down on the amount of waste in each one, but it's still imperative that each and every box be cleaned daily!

Also, NEVER use clumping litter with a kitten under six months of age. The litter is ingested when they lick their paws, and the nature of clumping litter is not healthy for such a young cat.

Thanks Maria for this great kitten info about litter box kitten training.

Maria's kitten Kirby is famous on Keeping Kittens as he was our first ever Cutest Kitten winner. Check out the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame for all previous winners.

If you would like to share your kitten behavior tips, or training ideas we would love to hear from you. Don't worry if your tips seem basic. You might be knowledgeable about kitten care, but every day there is a new first time kitten owner. And they need your kitten care tips!!

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