Kaleidoscope Lucy The Kitten

by Laura Wyeth
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Lucy the Kitten

Lucy the Kitten

This is my kitten, Kiwimagic Kaleidoscope Lucy, but I call her Lucy, Gidget or Possum. She is a three month old ragdoll kitten and our family just adores her. I named her Kaleidoscope Lucy because of the unique marking on her face, which looks like a pattern from a kaleidoscope.

She loves to play and her favourite pastimes are chewing the covers of books and stealing shoelaces. According to Lucy, the middle of the night is obviously the appropriate time to tear around the room and knock things off shelves - the only way we can keep her quiet during the night is to keep a supply of pens and pencils next to our beds and occasionally throw one across the room when she's racing around at night.

She certainly isn't shy and immediately befriends any visitors and flops in their laps, no matter how much they protest. She has also taken a liking to one of our dogs, and she pounces on him while he is asleep, resulting in a nudge and a growl from him, and she leaps around, hoping that he will play with her.

She has such a cheeky personality, always running off with shoelaces or sneaking up behind people, and she loves to be around people.

Lastly, I would just like to say thank you to my beautiful Lucy. When we got her I was going through a very difficult time, and she brightened my life so much during the time when I most needed love. I hope we have many more happy years together.

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