How to Treat a Kitten Eye Infection

by Bob

Picture of Kitten Eye Infection

Picture of Kitten Eye Infection

Reader Question: Kitten Eye Infection Diagnosis and Treatment

I found a kitten outdoors. Her eyes were in bad shape. They were sealed closed and had some type of green liquid on the sides.

After taking her home, I cleaned the eyes and fell in love with my new friend.

Two weeks have gone by with constant cleaning to make sure my kitten can open her eyes. Unfortunately, the problem is reoccurring.

Any suggestions on how to treat this kitten eye infection?


Suggestion From Our Veterinarian

Hi Bob,

Thank you for taking in a rescue kitten. It appears that since the eyes aren't healing with cleaning, you should take her to a Vet.

A stray kitten has increased risk for bacterial infections and/or viral eye infections.

There could also be some other health problems, so at this point get her to a Veterinarian as soon as possible in order to avoid eye damage.

At the same time be sure to ask about any needed vaccinations and other care that will help your kitten grow into a healthy adult.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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