Cutest Persian Cross Long-haired Exotic Grey Kitten: Mikka Eyes

by Jaimy Holmes

Mikka Eyes

Mikka Eyes

Meet persian cross long-haired exotic kitten Mikka. She is our monthly winner of our cutest kittens on earth contest, for May 2012. She is owned by Jaimy who has shared some of the cutest kitten pictures you have ever seen.

This is Mikka, she is 10 weeks old and a gorgeous kitten- a cross between a Longhaired Exotic and a Persian. She's from south MN and a ham for the camera to say the least.

She has lots of energy and is a huntress, through and through. She has a purr that will shake the walls -I call it her Power Purr.
Enjoy this awesome photo I captured of her. The sun was shining down upon her just at the right moment and got lucky with the photo.

Thanks Jaimy for sharing gorgeous Mikka with us!! Mikka is so cute she is our May 2012 Kitten of the month. I love her eyes!

If you have a kitten, or a picture of your cat as a kitten - please share them with us! You can use the cute kitten picture form and you can also view past winners in the Cutest Kittens on Earth Hall of Fame.

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