Cutest Little Rescue Kitten: Bella Anne - Calico/Tiger Mix Kitten

by Jen S.
(Mount Joy, PA, USA)

Bella Anne <3

Bella Anne <3

Meet Bella, a super cute and calico and tiger mix kitten owned by Jen. Bella is a little ginger kitten with bright blue eyes. Bella shared him with the Keeping Kittens community using the cute kitten pic and story form.

Bella's story is incredible. In the Lancaster area the Humane League was giving kittens away for free because they had so many come in the month before. After going to the Humane League and finding that they were out of kittens (which we really needed so he/she could grow up around dogs), we searched Craigslist. On there we saw that a woman was giving away a litter of 8 week old kitties for free and all it took was a simple phone call.

It had turned out that the homeowner had a subparr living area and a later trip to the vet proved that Bella was only 5 weeks old at the time. The reason for her vet visit was blood in her stool and then an emergency visit came when her urine was all blood. The vet told us that Bella was in very bad shape for a kitten and had a Urinary Tract Infection and a stomach parasite, as well as wasn't developing well for her age. He told us that with her meds (2 meds, twice a day) and continuing eating, she still would only have a 30% chance of living and that if we didn't rescue her when we did, she wouldn't have made it much longer.

Three weeks later Bella Anne is a healthy, normal kitten. She has since tripled her size and a little more than doubled her weight. She plays with the dogs, with us and with her toys. The vet was completely surprised with her turnaround and says that she will continue to develope and grow into a healthy cat.

Thanks for sharing your calico tiger mix kitten Bella with us!

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