Cute Sleeping Kitten: Sweet Little Kitten Named Candy

by Kayla-Jaye
(Sydney NSW Australia)

Candy sleeping with her fav toy and pillow

Candy sleeping with her fav toy and pillow

Meet the sweetest little kitty named Candy! She is owned by Kayla-Jaye who has shared an adorable picture of her sleeping kitten snuggling with her fav toy. Who doesn't love cute kitten pics like this one?

Candy was born in September 2010.She is such a sweet soft kitten who sleeps alot, but can be very playful and funny.Her favourite toy is her Fish toy and cant sleep without her Fish or her Cat Knip pillow. I love her so much that i let her sleep under the blanket next to me

<3 Luv u my sweet Candy <3

Thanks Kayla-Jaye for sharing.

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