Cute Little Rescue Kitten Casanova, Adopted By Rebecca

by Rebecca

Learn about cute little kitten Casanovas story. Here at Keeping Kittens, we love to hear about kittens and cats that are adopted by loving new owners. Casanova is one such kitten.

As I frequently volunteer at the local cat shelter I stumbled upon Casanova. It was basically love at first sight.

He was a shy little man, who was very nervous to be around people, but loved attention. As I left that day I could not stop thinking about him. I finally came back the next day, as to find that somebody else put in an application to adopt him. I was very disappointed, but I though to myself, "well I am happy for whoever adopts him", I was sure he was going to a good home".

About three weeks later I received a phone call saying that the people who were going to adopt Casanova decided it was not the right time for a cat. I was sad to hear that news, but I was super excited to have Casanova come home with me.

Today, Casanova is a beautiful healthy kitten, and I could not be more happy than to call him part of the family.

Thanks for sharing your story Rebecca, always nice to hear of kittens/cats being adopted by good owners.

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