Cute Little Kitten Minka Rose: The Real Cinderella Story

by Morgan
(Newark, Delaware)

The cutest little kitten ever Minka and some fantastic cute kitten photos to show her off. Her owner Morgan shares Minka and how Minka became a survivor.

From rags to riches, Disney should have looked for their inspiration in our little princess, Minka Rose. Abandoned by her mother and left to die, Minka was discovered by a crew of construction workers who happened to notice her sapphire blue eyes and hear her tiny cries for help.

Just weeks old Minka was already infested with fleas and engorged ticks, which hung from her eyes and lips. She was later tossed in a box with only tiny scraps of fabric to keep her warm, and left on our friend's doorstep. By fortune, I happened to stop by and it was love at first sight. It amazed me that this kitten, who could fit in the palm of my hand and weighed only a few ounces, had such an incredible will to survive. By all means, she could have died from starvation, infection or the merciless Pennsylvania weather.

Today, Minka is several weeks old and has astounded veterinarians with her perfect health. She is an incredible beauty, with more than a passion for life, and has proven herself to be more resilient than many among us. Fittingly, the name Minka means just that...survivor.

Somehow this story got lost in cyber space, but I am glad I found it again. Thanks Morgan for sharing your adorable kittens!

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