Cute Fuzzy Kittens: Meet Cloud Watson

by Katie

Meet Cloud, a super cute and super fuzzy kitten owned by Katie. Visit Keeping Kittens for heaps of cute kitten photos and pics. Cloud was shared with the Keeping Kittens community using the cute kitten pic and story form.

Her name is Cloud and she is only two months old, she loves to walk about with things in her mouth and loves to look outside from the window. I went to take her out a walk and she was holding on the the carpet meowing not to go outside!, she loves to wake me up in the morning by sitting on my face.

She also get very jealous, I was reading a book and she wanted the attention so she decided to sit in front of the book so I had to give her the attention, she is very cuddly and is such a hyper kitten when she isn't sleeping that is. we went to buy another kitten from women and she was there and I just fell in love with her instead.

Thanks for sharing Cloud your cute fuzzy kitten with us!

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