Bringing a New Kitten Home if You Already Have a Family Cat

by Isobel

Isobel shares her kitten care tips bring a new kitten home if you already have a family cat. Sometimes felines can be a bit territorial so this can be a bit of a challenge. Remember to take things slow and don't try and force your new kitten together with your family cat.

If you already have a cat and you are bringing in a new kitten like we did after a loss of a kitten, it WILL take time. At first the kitten who has already been living with you will get moody and will hiss.

Generally the other new kitten will just try to be friendly, this is typical. At first we were very worried and we thought they would never get on.

Try feeding them at first a few meters away then after a few days move the bowls closer. Using a crate would help. Put the new kitten in the crate and let the older one smell it and get used to it.

After about 3 to 4 weeks they should be friends.
With our kittens it took about 3 weeks and now they are firm friends!!!

Thank you Isobel for sharing your knowledge about bringing a new kitten home.

If you would like to share your kitten behavior tips, or training ideas we would love to hear from you. Don't worry if your tips seem basic. You might be knowledgeable about kitten care, but every day there is a new first time kitten owner. And they need your kitten care tips!!

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