Black Maine Coon Kitten: Little MINKY Sure is SLINKY!

by Carys

MINKY the MiniMaine Coon @ 4 Months

MINKY the MiniMaine Coon @ 4 Months

Cutest little black Maine Coon kitten named Minky. Owned by Carys who shares Minkys cute pic and the story of how this little kitty came into her life with the Keeping Kittens community.

Minky was a" little gift" from someone I love(!), who knew I'd had a really scary time recently.

All he knew when he chose Minky was that she was the ONE COLOR cat I don't already have, and, she was definitively the "runt" of the litter!

While he suspected that the litter wasn't 8 weeks old yet, but more like 5 or 6 weeks, since they were eating solids and using the liter box,
he gave her to me.

NOTHING clears away bad memories like a precious kitten who needs your love and attention!

It was MAD, CRAZY LOVE at FIRST SIGHT for Minky and ME!

Her name was, immediately FIONA.
( we're Irish and it suited her..)

My son's BFF regularly called her SOPHIA because I used 'FIA for short.

One night I slept on the sofa alone because my back HURT! Fia climbed up and snuggled right around my neck! I was ASTONISHED at how incredibly soft and perfect her coat was!

The next morning I told my husband that I'd slept with a "Mink Stole" around my neck. He, too, had noticed how sleek and soft her coat was. Next thing we knew, the story circulated, EVERYONE HAD to touch her, and her name became MINKY.

Much to our surprise, the vet informed us that
Minky wasn't an ordinary domestic short hair,
Minky is a MAINE COON.

A Smokey Black Maine Coon, to be precise. He told us a little about Maine Coons, but we learned the rest in books and online.

Minky is beginning to grow soft , long, GRAY fur on her belly, along her tail! She has sprouted "tufts" of gray and black long fur around her neck and ears. She looks as though she's growing a MANE!

Minky is only 16 weeks, give or take, but we are NUTS about all the surprises this smart, sweet, devoted kitten has for us and we expect MANY MORE!

Thanks Carys for sharing Minky and her cute kitten pic. If you have a new kitten and you want to share their story and a photo or two please do! Even if your kitten is now a grown up cat, share some kitten pictures and tell us their story use the form here: Share Your Cute Kitten Picture and Story.

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