Black and White Tuxedo Kitten Named Hendrix

by Bill Bowman
(Herne Bay, Kent, UK)

Little Hendrix

Little Hendrix

I always love cute black and white tuxedo kittens, and Hendrix sure is a cutie! Bill shares a few kitten mischief stories and a cute kitten picture to boot!

Meet little Hendrix!! he is 10 weeks old and is a right little character! he loves climbing and pushing his boundaries (which sometimes doesn't always pay off for him!!) plus he loves sleeping (which kitten doesn't?).

We have only had him a week so we haven't got too many stories but he is learning new things everyday and keeping mummy and daddy on their toes! he loves squeaky toys and anything that rolls!! also since we have introduced him to a carrier bag it provides us and him with so much entertainment! i love the way he dives into things head 1st and seems to be a brave little thing! hope you vote for little Hendrix as it would make his day! thanks for looking at him! ta ta for now! MEOW!

Thanks Bill for sharing Hendrix, I just love that little face!

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