8 Week Old Rescue Kitten Named Linus: Sleepy Boy

by Britt
(Daytona Beach, FL, USA)

Picture of a cute eight week old kitten named Linus. Rescused and fostored since 4 days old he is now a cute 8 week old looking strong and healthy.

This is my eight week old kitten, Linus. He has been living with me for the past two weeks and is my favorite reason to come home from work! He and his sister were found under an air conditioning unit when they were four days old and were taken in by a wonderful foster mom who bottle fed them until they were big enough to adopt out.

I chose this little guy because when I first met him, I sat on the floor and he immediately climbed onto my lap, crawled up my chest and sat on my shoulder, before walking across the back of my neck and hopping to the floor! He has continued to be rambunctious and fun that way, and I have been enjoying him immensely. His favorite place to sleep is on my lap or my chest, and he purrs non-stop which is my favorite thing about him. I bought him a variety pack of toys, but his favorite so far seems to be the plain white shoe string that I gave him--he takes it with him everywhere!

Thanks for sharing 8 week old kitten Linus, so cute!

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